First Conversation with ChatGPT

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Today I had my first chat with ChatGPT, or Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, an early prototype for a starship computer as seen in Star Trek.

The most interesting thing I found was that it remembered the context of our conversation.

Write me 200 words of something nice and uplifting and optimistic about the human condition in the style of Shelley.

Oh human race, so full of wonder and potential,
With a capacity for greatness and for good.
Your boundless spirit and unquenchable curiosity
Drive you to explore the world and seek new knowledge.

Through your ingenuity and perseverance,
You have built civilizations and shaped the world.
You have conquered the skies and the seas,
And delved deep into the mysteries of the universe.

Your capacity for love and compassion
Is a source of strength and hope.
You are a source of beauty and creativity,
And your art and music inspire and uplift.

Though you may face challenges and hardships,
You have the resilience and determination
To overcome adversity and thrive.

For you are the descendants of giants,
And you have the power to shape your own destiny.
So dream big, and reach for the stars,
For the future belongs to you.

Thank you. Now, just to satisfy my curiosity about your capabilities, could you answer the above question in a pessimistic tone about humanity.

Indeed, the human race is a sad and sorry spectacle.
Your short-sightedness and greed drive you to destroy
The very world that sustains you.
You are a plague upon the earth,
Consuming resources and polluting the land, air, and water.

Your endless wars and conflicts
Are a testament to your inability to live in peace
With your fellow human beings.
You are plagued by ignorance and superstition,
And your religions and ideologies
Only serve to divide and conquer.

Your insatiable hunger for power
Leads you to exploit and oppress
The weak and the vulnerable.
You are blinded by your own selfishness
And unable to see the suffering of others.

It is only a matter of time
Before your own folly brings about your downfall,
And the earth is rid of your destructive presence.
For you are the architects of your own demise,
And the end is near.

Not bad!

Personally, I have an optimistic view of AI and think it will be a helpful companion to human beings, but I’m keeping a screwdriver handy, just in case!

If you have any questions of your own you wish answered, go ahead and ask. An Open AI account is needed, and it is free, for the time being at least. Here are some useful prompts you can use, too.

Want me to ask something for you? Come by and chat during one of my silly streams of consciousness.

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