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Best “feel-of-flight” planes in MSFS for me, probably because their sounds and flight physics “match up” to make the machines feel weighty and real:

  1. PT-17 Stearman by DC Designs
  2. Spitfire Mk. IX by Flying Iron Simulations
  3. The default C-152

I’d add Ant’s Airplanes’ Tiger Moth to this list, but the sound is not there (no Wwise 3D sound it seems, unless it has been updated. Been a while since I’ve flown it).

The lack of a damage model does make the sim feel flat. If damage modelling was there for at least landing gears, propellers, and control surfaces, with accompanying sounds, no big fireballs necessary, I think it’d go a long way to making the sim feel better.

One of IL-2 Great Battles’ lead developers is working on MSFS now, so I’m looking forward to next year’s update.

✶ Monday, 25 September 2023

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