Rio de Janeiro Flight Plan for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

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I went on a VFR flight around Rio de Janeiro in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Take off was at 13:00 ZULU (10 am in Rio) and live weather and live air traffic settings with full online connection were used. It was overcast with a progressively lower ceiling and I saw some human pilots flying in the digital skies over the beautiful city.

Having lived in Rio many years ago I did a flypast by my brother’s place in Recreio as well as over several waypoints I had planned that I found visually during the flight in the Open Street Maps-powered video game:

🛫 Santos Dumont
📌 Maracanã
📌 Cristo Redentor
📌 Pão de Açucar
📌 Copa Cabana and Ipanema
📌 Mirante da Rocinha
📌 Pedra Bonita
📌 Barra da Tijuca
📌 Recreio
🛬 Jacarepaguá

Um abração a todos!


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