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I am not surprised that the game’s developer, Jörg Friedrich, worked on the anti-war war game Spec Ops: The Line.

His comments at Game World Observer:

“Whenever you create an engaging gameplay loop, it means giving up on real wars and following some Hollywood fantasy,” he says. “No one wants to play a game that covers how it really is to be a soldier in a war situation — it would be terribly boring, nothing would happen most of the time, if ever. Possibly you are sent somewhere without knowing exactly why and where, and when you arrive, chances are you die. Or you get injured or crippled. I think most people want to play warrior power fantasies — not war.”

“Replicating war in a game usually makes it look cool because you are not actually there. Since you know that that video game explosion cannot really hurt you, all you see is a cool looking explosion. Every medium has this problem, not only games. To fix it, you need to change perspective. This War Of Mine does a good job in putting you into the shoes of people suffering from war, rather than the ones causing it.”

Tomorrow 75 years will have passed since V-E Day.

✶ Thursday, 7 May 2020

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