3 Reasons To Pass on PC Game Pass

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Your PC Game Pass subscription will expire soon

After May 9, 2024 you will lose access to hundreds of high-quality PC games, including new day one titles, EA Play membership, exclusive Game Pass deals and discounts, plus, Riot Games benefits like Agents, champions, Little Legends, XP Boosts, and more.

Review your subscription today to continue playing.

Here are three reasons I’m not renewing my PC Game Pass subscription, which was kindly given to me by a friend.

Time is Expensive

Needs, like electricity, internet, food, and taxes to keep civilization going, are where money goes regularly, subscription-like, in recurring payments.

Wants, like video games and other situations don’t merit monthly moneys, because given the amount of time we have, choosing is very important.

Too many choices without having to think about spending money for each one is very expensive when the currency is time.

But Hyper, how about subscriptions to your channel?

Those are certainly worth your money, of course.

I’m joking.

Twitch subs, too, probably aren’t worth it, unless you have so much money that you don’t know what else to do with it but use it to buy a streamer you like a beer, coffee, or gummy bear every month. I do appreciate it.

Bloody Difficult To Take Screenshots

I need to press two keys to make a “Game Bar” appear, then click on an icon, to take a picture of the video game on my screen. And:

  1. It doesn’t seem to work as there is no visual or aural indication of a screenshot being taken.
  2. I can’t find where the screenshots are saved, if they were indeed taken.
  3. There’s seemingly no way to configure which key I need to press to take a screenshot.

On Steam I hit F12 to take an instant screen photograph, which gets saved in a path_to_game_you_are_playing/Screenshots directory, and I can choose the key I prefer to press in preferences.

Video Games Aren’t Microsoft’s Main Business

Microsoft is a gigantonormous company focussed on profits for its shareholders, and video games are not their primary business, even with bright spots like Flight Simulator and expensive aquisitions that include Starfields in the clouds.

The Xbox app user interface is messy, as is the user login flow, and you are limited to 12 letters for your PC Game Pass username.

Valve is a private company focussed on video games, customers who like video games, and developers who make video games. This is why Steam is so much better than Xbox/PC Game Pass.

I hope Microsoft, Epic, Ubisoft, Good Old Games, and others get even better, since healthy competition is good for us video game players. And I pray Valve doesn’t sell out.

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