Ian Currie is a Writer on the Jagged Alliance 3 Team ➶

Jagged Alliance 2 is one of my most very bestest best favorite games of all time, and having Ian Currie on board as a writer in the JA3 team is excellent news!

Ian Currie:

I was a little skeptical because of some of the games that were produced quickly to try to make some money off of the IP. But when THQ approached me and said: “No, we want to make the spiritual successor to Jagged Alliance 2”, they got my attention. I was excited.

So, for me, a true Jagged Alliance product has got to have the following elements. It’s got to have a strategy layer where the player is making decisions on a grand scale. Two. Its got to have solid tactical gameplay. Three. Its got to have all the characters, the interaction between the characters, and its got to have story.

Obstacles in game development are a common thing. It’s how you overcome them that’s important, and a lot of that comes down to having the right people on the team. People who understand what the game is all about, what the heart and soul of it is. And working with Haemimont has been great because they are all huge fans of the series. They get it.

The laptop and AIM website, bits of humorous merc dialogue, returning favorite mercs (Steroid, for example), and music in the trailer are looking good, and I hope the updated graphics don’t take more away than they add from the spirit of the series.

I’m excited to play this!

✶ Sunday, 5 February 2023

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