Flight of Nova

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Catching up to Becca Station, 185km up, moving at 7800m/s.

I watched the trailer of Flight of Nova on its Steam page. The ambient music and sound effects layered with the visuals made me play the free demo and buy the game shortly after.

After completing several of the training missions and burning lots of fuel to catch up and dock to orbiting space stations a smile has remained on my face, especially since the game has some damage modelling, which is always good for highlights.

This is a slow-burn video game for patient cargo delivery sim drivers who love audio, atmospheres, and orbital mechanics. A sort of 3D Kerbal Space Program focused on flight.

It’s a pleasure to find flight and particularly space flight simulators I had never heard about like Flight of Nova. Here’s my wishlist for this Early Access game:

  • Controls to zoom in and out the view, like in DCS, IL-2, and MSFS.
  • A more detailed tutorial about reaching things in orbit.
  • Missions to disable rogue drones, perhaps with an improvised offensive weapon.
  • Eventual surface vehicles like buggies to get to difficult-to-reach cargo and rescue missions.
  • Cooperative multiplayer in some form.

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