No Man’s Sky

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A screenshot of No Man’s Sky linked to the HyperTextHero No Man’s Sky YouTube playlist.

I seem to like space games. Here’s another called No Man’s Sky, which uses programming techniques that make “infinite” variations of worlds.

It’s available on Steam, with multiplayer crossplay between various systems, including Mac, supported.


Procedural. Infinite planets. A bit cartoony and repetitive after a while, but, visually and aurally beautiful.

Nice to start with Expeditions for structure and guidance.

Confusing, somewhat fiddly interface at first. Figuring it out feels like playing a game of mahjong.

Gorgeous lush electronico music and sound effects. Especially easy to get lost in when high.

Flight feels like a craft on rails. Miss Newtonian flight-assist-off ship controlling physics.

Developers stuck to their vision and made it better and better, over and over again. Launch early, iterate. Good work.

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