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A computer graphics tour de force.
The interior of a writer’s shed bathed in the delicate light of Red Dead Redemption 2’s wilderness.

I am typing these words to tell you that two creative arrows are being released to pierce hearts around the world in the course of this present day:

  1. Jenny O.’s album of music New Truth that includes a song with a synth solo with strong tendencies to make sensitive people cry, one among many delightful compositions and performances of sound.
  2. Guerrilla Games’ hero-with-bow-and-arrow-versus-mechanical-dinos video game Horizon Zero Dawn, finally in a version that can be run on personal computers with operating systems that are tolerated in order to play video games, also known as PCs.

I just bought Jenny’s album on Bandcamp, but will wait to get the bow and arrow game to give the poor programmers being whipped by Sony executives time to fix the technical trouble that some are experiencing.

Video Game Streaming

More news from my journey in the PC building woods: My hand-built personal video gaming and streaming machine is ready and outstanding and makes all of my video games feel brand new with liquid gold frame rates at high resolutions, so expect that post to be completed soon.

I had moments of doubt, but now I am glad I embarked on this hardware trip as moving further west while heaving boxes over rough terrain to avoid dying while stranded, battling my way through thickets of murderer robots, and having meetings during car chases all look and feel so much better now.

I am a very happy outdoors enthusiast, and agree with another one that when in doubt, you gotta move.

All that remains between you and I and interactive video flights from or to reality through art and play, dear home internet surfers, is a schedule, some technical decisions concerning my visage, and a short trip in the real world to visit two friends on a piece of land extending beyond the adjacent coast into the Atlantic Ocean.

Talk to you soon.

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