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New game being developed by Kerbal Space Program creator Felipe “HarvesteR” Falanghe that lets you build, fly, and fight model aeroplanes. In this AMA thread, Felipe tells us about the origins of KSP in his childhood:

It didnt’ really happen in that order. The rockets (and rocket-building) concept came up first. It was a thing I used to do with my friends and brother, when we were teenagers. We’d make ‘spacecraft’ out of firework rockets and random garbage we’d strap to it. And after some time we started making little ‘crew’ out of tin foil and tape them to their little paper cockpits. Very few of those brave tin men survived, but they were very eager to hop aboard (none tried to escape). We eventually gave them names, and as a species, we called them Kerbals.

That grew over time into a concept for a game, and in fact, the earliest versions of KSP didn’t actually have characters in, because their design was the last thing I came up with.

The gigantic heads were almost by accident. I had modelled their body shapes, and was going to leave the heads for the next day, but just for fun, I made a quick capsule-shaped head with bulging eyes to see what it could look like. I then kept tweaking that until the Kerbal’s faces became what they are now (afterwards, Dan, our animator, did a lot of improvements to them, so they became a lot more expressive and fun)


✶ Thursday, 21 May 2020

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