Thief: The Black Parade ➶

An unofficial expansion for Thief just appeared before us:

So, what awaits you in this campaign?

  • 10 huge, open-ended and meticulously crafted missions with varied themes packed with content.
  • A brand new protagonist thrown into a dark, intricately woven story of crime and conspiracies.
  • 4 new tools happily supplied by the undermarket, at a price.
  • Many tweaks to the AI to make the game a bit more challenging but still fair.
  • A brand new “banter” system where AIs greet each other during their rounds and nightly life.
  • 28 voiced characters totaling roughly 1,800 new lines of dialogue.
  • 30 minutes of gorgeous hand-drawn briefings and cutscenes.
  • Brand new AI motions making the denizens of The City look more alive.
  • Full English subtitles.

Here’s the moving-images-set-to-sound preview.

✶ Friday, 1 December 2023

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