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We are conscious of the rhythm that pulses through the universe, beginning with the atom and ending with the stars. Rhythm suggests repetition, flow, cycles, waves, and all are related to a unified plan or purpose. The feeling of rhythm in drawing, aside form the abstract, is a “follow-through” in line, just as it is in the movements of various sports. A bowler or golfer, a tennis player, or any other athlete must master the smooth “follow-through” to develop rhythm. Follow your lines through the solid form and watch them become part of a rhythmic plan. When a drawing looks clumsy, the chances are that the trouble lies in its lack of “follow-through.” Clumsiness in action — and in drawing — is lack of rhythm that results in a jerky, uneven, disorganized movement.

—Andrew Loomis, Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth, p. 137.

✶ Friday, 15 December 2023

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