Ignore Plot & Geralt for Witcher 3 Fun ➶

Alice Bee writing at Rock Paper Shotgun:

It’s taken me so long to realise my problem, that The Witcher 3 is now old enough that we should be having discussions about whether it was too young to start school this year, and whether maybe we should have waited. But I’ve figured out that I was trying too hard to force myself to care about the main plot, which is a thing I do not care about at all. I’m sure it’s great if you’re an avowed fan, but I have no idea who any of the women involved are, or indeed, why almost all of them want to rub their nipples over Geralt. I have no investment in the big skeletal winter warriors who can turn entire villages into an iced-up freezer shelf. My revelation was: I do not have to care.

I think large open world video games are best when the player can make a custom avatar because to spend so much time in a place you need to have empathy for the character you control.

My favorite parts of Witcher 3 are the world, its animation, light, color, music, and the world-building of the writing in journals, books, notices, and so on.

Didn’t like many of the characters, including the namesake, which reminds me there are mods to play as different characters, including one for Ciri that looks promising.

Also disliked that you could not fight soldiers and guards since they were clearly so much more dangerous than your all-powerful “Witcher”.

✶ Tuesday, 19 May 2020

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