Weather in Deadstick ➶

From Flight Log #1 in the development of upcoming bush plane flight simulator Deadstick where the player takes flying jobs in changing weather environments:

There are many sims that do an incredible job of simulating aircraft, but I always found that the experience of simulating the pilot and airmanship was somewhat lacking. To that end, the concept of Deadstick was born, to give players the experience of what it’s like to be the pilot.

The thing missing from all flight simulators is character development.

Instead of yet another minutely modelled jet or prop fighter plane, I’d like a dynamic mission system where you keep one plane and can choose your home airfield, the jobs, targets, cargo you take from a notice board, the colors and mods of your airplane, your flight suit, and so on.

I am hoping Deadstick will be this.

Via Stormbirds.

✶ Sunday, 17 May 2020

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