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Selected quotations from my stream chat that made me laugh, given the context, at one time or another, or was particularly helpful, currently ordered by chatter responsible for the greatest number of LOLs and help, alphabetically.


Catching fire is not a good way to hide.

Well, those people that live there are gonna have a blast cleaning that up.

Listen, imagine the stories you get to tell your grandchildren.

The game portrays well how traumatically tense battles can be as you charge to your death being peppered by arrows into a wall of spears.

Tower, this is Schippah. We are setting it down. Clear the airport, over.

This wand is Schippah approved. Chaos 10/10, Rapid Fire 10/10, Shock Effect 10/10.

Small chance of success, certainty of death. What are we waiting for, let’s go.

Gamer attitude: “This Place is death, horrendous monsters rom it, thousands of mutilated and wretched souls populate it.” You mean XP, right?

Some catacomb of interwebs.

Reading is for people who have patience and intelligence. Both are not required for shooting the living shit out of someone.

You have to become angry again to reinitiate your rage.

Spinsel is a thought that warps in your mind, something you shape, think on, extrapolate, follow to a conclusion as your mind drifts… something like that.

Is the programming good? No. Is it functional? No. Is it a pain in the behind to troubleshoot? Yes. Was the programmer overpaid? Yes. Was it brought to you with a smile? Yes. 3 yes’ to 2 nos’. In the name of democracy this is a must buy.

If you can’t fly, pick something with big bouncy wheels made in an era when stuff was built to last.

┻━┻︵(°□°)/︵ ┻━┻

More brains replaced with lead. This operation went from BBQ to a course in metal working.

What a lawnmower. It’s still a lawnmower or a fart of the gods. Kinda detailed. But sure. Oddly specific.

There is no impossible. There is only the unimagined.

Look alive, function check on the jumpdrive. Make sure she’s purring nicely. Commander on deck, look like you’re getting paid people.

Incompetence of the highest level.

This is the tower, whatever man, taking a break, over.

What it lacks in stability, finesse, controllability and airtime it makes up for in a sturdy frame.

!predict welcoming dutch barista not giving 2 shits a plane landed on his terrace.

Where is the American spirit here? AK’s and alcohol. I hear certain US regions consider that the meaning of life.

It’s the internet. You click links on links on links. Next thing it says you are dying. 2 minutes later you’re buying shoes.

It’s no bug. It’s Canada’s wall to keep Americans out.

I cut coffee. I do cocaine now.

Last time I flirted by blinking they asked if I had something in my eye.

Us, the RAF, hereby award you the 500 ton iron cross. Please wear at all times.

Icebird is made of raw steel. He just sat there like a champ.

The content is doubtful, the flight is fail, the crashed abundant, the comments out of line, SHUT UP and take my bits!



It is advised to shoot the bullets, not take them.

Generally it’s ill advised to pick a fight with the authorities while you’re drunk.

Text just pulled an Alec Baldwin maneuver.

We got someone named Joan Rambo, with a Dirty Harry pistol, with an adventurer outfit, tracking Jurassic dinosaur. Sounds like a Space Jam kinda spin off of a movie.

Never knew Arma has a Bard class.

I hear a low pitched, slower tempo and reverby song, could it be… vaporwave? … For most parts yeah, for me personally what I interpret from the artist is that the music is more highlighted and more presented to the listeners, slower means people would notice things easier, reverb to just put people in a spacy environment and I feel put a feeling of less claustrophobic-ness from the business of our daily life, and because it’s lower pitch it gives a sense of maturity and identity.

Don’t get lost in the wardrobe.

Hi Beck, I’m Futura.

20 mins, 20 meters, 20 degrees to your left, 20 degrees to your right, there we go, we now get 4 20s.

Call of Warhammer, Vermenstrandings of Honor - Phantom Duty | Special shovelware edition.

And instead of getting complementary peanuts, it would be gummy bears.

All of that neon. Are you sure this is not Cyberpunk: Noita DLC?

Magical spells through series of fiberoptic & copper medium, to entertain human beings.

Maybe Chuck Norris mode is still on.


( ノ ゚ー゚)ノ

Unfollow, unsub, refunding bits. Reason: The use of Comic Sans.

Mages & Machine Guns, a Dungeons & Dragons twist, coming to you soon.

I think you can find Elden’s ring up there.

Landing challenges, featuring Tokyo Drift and GTA San Andreas lowrider dances.

“Pelé and The International House of Pancakes thank you for your lurk.

Instead of magic, spells & mages, we got gunpowder, lead, and freedom.

Brb powering down my gear.

Joan Rambo, the most violent Adult Mutant Ninja Turtle.

HAHA I recognise that you value aesthetic more than utility in games, i.e. light armor & football jersey in Antistasi.

Joan Rambo becomes Joan of Arc.

Man, your character is built like a tank.



Always cool to see people that see Twitch as a fun joke.

All cool as cucumbers.

Just put on your best girl voice and say, yeah I’m a G.I.R.L… Guy in Real Life.

Wart Hunder. Shiny, but morally dubious.

I think you are the only person I know and watched play, who is enjoying this game.

I can’t yell at this hour.

Bug reports via onlyfans, gotcha.

Beat them with culture and high fashion.

Ocean-themed fart, I took fire. (Google closed captions).

Mechanized Alpaca Neuronetwork.. aka man.



It was a ride-by fruiting.

May the Broforce be with you.

Fork knife.
Fork knife?
with thanks to Futura_Light

Looks like your toasters have gotten loose again.

If your Noita character ran an airline he would be Wand Trip.

I don’t think there are enough violins in video games.

Napolean Blownapart.

I dunno what they stand for really, but I’ve decided he’s Charles Delongfort Longbottom.

Well Halo there.



Too much John, not enough Rambo. (Rambo 5 review).


Fly with Hypertexthero and you’ll never fly with anybody else again =)

One of my favorite things is to use words with their real meaning and confuse people.

Coffee isn’t my cup of tea.

Top-shelf incompetence



Good luck, Celery Team 6.

What an ugly cute being.

Imagine opening your kitchen cupboard and that falls out!

I thought it was a lady. LUL. At one point I thought you were saying Consuela.

Is that a portable eclipse?



Airline Timetable Images website link.

What is this “outside” you speak of?

Medal of Duty. Or is it Call of Honor.

Work harder you lazy bastard.

If you really want to look like you’re at work you should wear a look of exhausted despair.



This looks professional.

The pie to the face protocol. PTTFP in avation acronym terms.

It looks like a wooden shoe from the Netherlands.

The music makes me feel we are supposed to think really hard about some one-million-dollar question.



The old Romans were smarter…. They knew…. Variatio delectat….

My whole immersion is broken now.

You know — I Follow Roads (IFR).



Make it rain lazers and lead.

Gas guzzler Pokémon hunt.

OUCH! Dang I felt that one like hitting toe nail on the edge of the sofa.



I’ll just drive around and blast your stream over my speakers.

Did you just say that the best thing you saw at the British Museum was the bathroom?

You can use all of them at once? Does that require using your feet? Feet for your keyboard, right hand for stick and left hand for controller? Nose for mouse?



Hey don’t worry bout me, im immune to everyone in Twitch.

Mom: Hits a slapping damage of 1 and a critical emotional damage of over 9000.



We’re playing 4D chess in terms of positioning with these guys.

This is a combined arms wet dream.

What is a cannon but someone who refuses to use a sword.



Don’t hit Big Ben its only just been fixed! LOL!

Be upstanding for the honourable Lord Hypertext of Hero esq, Earl of New York, Count of cool. Coming to you by Royal appointment.



Just buttons in a plastic box.

War Thunder is the K-pop of flight sims.



Text! The Sky Captain! Easy, breezy, beautiful!



I don’t know what that means, but, yes.



cm’on call schippa and say.. Hey you goldie space man whit sexy voice! Come and play that dante want to see some space buggie jump



Noita doesn’t care how strong you get. It’ll find a way to kill you.



Hope he shaved. we need a good landing strip.



What timing to fall in, “Sell used underwear”.



Paxton looks like he’s one good x-ray away from being a Fallout ghoul.



Ma quelli non pagano la bolletta da trent’anni.



It’s a rollercoaster.



Give him that magic tea that heals everything.



We got a negligent discharge.



When in doubt, grenade. Good life tip.



Holy ship!



And next to the labradoodle we have an interesting breed. Looks like this dog is completely hairless and lined with metal plates. That’s very unusu…. omg, is that a machine gun? aaaaaaahhhh



So you can perform old Far Cry healing animations on yourself?



This is an emergency broadcast! I farted.



Football is Brazil. Soccer is America.



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