Crop and Scale Videos in Adobe Premiere to Remove Borders

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Today I learned how to crop and scale videos in Adobe Premiere to remove the borders of videos I use for channel points in the HyperTextHero stream.

Here are the steps so I don’t forget. Roughly:

  1. Start new Premiere project.
  2. Drag the clip with borders to timeline.
  3. Click Effects tab and search for Crop.
  4. Drag the crop icon and drop it on top of the clip in the timeline.
  5. On top-right of screen click Effect ControlsCrop, then drag the blue lines on the video preview to crop as needed.
  6. Click the timeline clip to select it and on top menu click SequenceSequence Settings.
  7. Set Frame size h (horizontal) and v (vertical) inputs to your desired aspect ratio and click OK. To find the aspect ratio of the uncropped video I took a screenshot of the original clip by pressing Shift + Command + 4 and pressing Spacebar, dragging then releasing the cursor around the area of the video I wanted cropped, then loading the screenshot in Photoshop and checking it’s size with ImageImage Size.
  8. If you only needed to crop the top and bottom black bars, you can skip this step. If you need to crop black bars on the sides, too: Effect controlsMotionScale and click-and-drag on the 100% number to increase the scale so the video fills the frame.
  9. Click the icon with an upwards arrow ↑ on the top-right of the screen to Export or save the video. The settings I used were Match Source - Adaptive high bitrate.

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